Fire doors

T5 & T6 Steel Jamb

T5 & T6 Steel Jamb    (Note back filling requirements if insulation rating required)

NZ Fire Doors hinged fire doorsets recommended fixing instructions 

Before Installation

  1. Ensure that the correct door is to be installed in the opening.
  2. Check for damage caused during delivery, or storage on site.  Notify the contractor immediately if damage is present
  3. Ensure that any hardware ordered, and the Installers Declaration has been supplied.
  • T5 Timber StudT5 Installation Timber Stud
  • T5 Steel StudT5 Installation Steel Stud
  • T5 Masonry WallT5 Installation Masonry Stud
  • T6 Timber StudT6 Installation Timber Stud
  • T6 Steel StudT6 Installation Steel Stud
  • T6 Masonry WallT6 Installation Masonry Stud


  1. Remove the door leaf from the jamb.
  2. Cut the spreader bar off the bottom of the steel jamb.
  3. Insert the jamb into the opening. When fitting into external walls, set the steel jamb back into the opening, or provide a weather lip to prevent rain water from seeping onto the top of the leaf.
  4. Wedge the steel jamb into position, checking that the jamb is square and true.  Check diagonal measurements.
  5. Drill holes for the masonry anchors, (Dynabolt D10-100F), and then fit them, ensuring that they do not distort the alignment of the jamb.  Note that the jamb and leaf must be sufficiently secure to prevent warpage due to grouting.
  6. If a doorset insulation component is required, the jamb must be backfilled. If not protruding, leave wedges in place, fit backing rods and apply Intumescent mastic sealant to both sides of the jamb.  The depth should equal the width of the gap.  Max width 10 mm. Allow 600ml for a typical single leaf installation. 
  7. Grout the jamb into position.  This can be done by knocking a segment out of a block in the head and pouring grout into the cavity, or piping in through the fixing plug cap points.  The gap between the wall and the jamb may require sealing with a temporary bead to prevent grout leakage.  Plaster may be used up to a -/120/30 rating.
  8. Finish gaps between jamb and wall with grout mix or plaster.  Clean any surface grouting from the wall or jamb.
  9. Fit approved hardware to the manufacturer’s instructions and check that any latching device will engage freely.  For pairs of doors a sequence closing device must be fitted.  Refer to the Hardware List supplied with door or refer to our website –
  10. Complete the Installers Declaration and return as soon as possible to:
    NZ  Fire Doors, P.O. Box 12709, Auckland 1642 OR Fax 09 579 2933
    Or email to :