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I-NF-D / SM Interior non-fire & Smoke double acting doorset, single or pair

Designed for installations requiring a door that opens both ways, this versatile interior double acting door set is manufactured with a solid composite timber core and an integral MDF face layer (S-CORE). Unless you request a special finish, this door will be supplied sealer coated on both faces, as well as top and bottom, ready for priming and painting. For applications where the door has to match other architectural features, we can apply a specified veneer or overlay (laminate, vinyl or steel) to the faces. Inlay panels or planted detail can also be affixed on request, to suit heritage buildings.  This is a hung door, which means it is supplied as a complete fire door set - door leaf and door jamb, with or without hardware.

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I-NF-D / SM: Interior non-fire & Smoke double acting doorset, single or pair

Our most popular double acting interior door set, I-NF-D & I-NF-D-SM are available in singles or pairs. The door leaf is a solid composite timber core faced with an integral MDF layer (S-CORE). The standard door set is supplied sealer coated on both faces, as well as top and bottom,or you can specify a facing and/or kickplate.

  • Leaf sizes up to 2700 high x 1200 wide per leaf
  • Thickness 55 mm
  • Weight 24.3 kg /m2
  • Acoustic values are difficult to achieve with double acting doors as it is not possible to fit drop sill seals to the door bottoms

  • Paint quality factory sealed
  • 1 mm stainless steel kickplate to 1000 mm – both sides
  • Others by application
  • NZFD Bullnose (Aluminium)


  • Bullnose C/C

    Bullnose CC

All options use 10.38 mm laminated glass. In addition to the standard options shown below, we offer bespoke designs that are available on request from our sales team. The maximum panel size is subject to minimum clearances.

  • Placement dimensions

    fire door dimensions


  • Glass types & size limitations

    VP Size


Square (standard)

  • No additional charge
  • Includes optional aluminium overcap
  • Square Bead with Lip

    60 minute fire door square bead diagram

  • Aluminium Bead

    Aluminium Bead

Bevel (previous standard)

  • Surcharge applies
  • No aluminium cap option
  • Bevel Bead with Lip

    fire window glazing diagram

30mm hardwood timber (types 1, 2 & 3), min jamb width 115 mm
or 1.6 mm electrogalv steel (type 8), paint quality or powdercoat options available

  • T1 – Timber

    T1 DA Timber Flat Jamb


    Timber flat for architrave

  • T2 – Timber

    T2 DA Timber Flat Jamb

    Grooved for wall lining to suit (12 mm reveals)

  • T3 – Timber

    T3 DA Timber Flat Jamb

    Rebate for wall lining to suit (non-standard surcharge may apply)

  • T8 – Steel

    Steel Jamb T8



The I-NF-D is available in a range of sidelight and overlight combinations that are generally made to order. If you require a sidelight or overlight, please contact a member of our sales team to discuss and confirm specific design and pricing details.

  • Max overall combined height 3000 mm.
  • Perimeter timber 32 mm and transom midrail 60 mm.
  • No limit to overall width.
  • Each module is limited by weight, transport and on site handling capabilities
  • Max door height 2200 mm
  • Sidelights with optional mid rail – consider manifestation needs
  • fire door and windows diagram

Closers are already fitted, they are the pivot mechanism. We can supply these  doors sets with or without hardware. With pre-cropped doors the hardware supplied will be unfitted. Any standard hardware is suitable for these non-fire door sets, but consider the suitability with double acting doors.

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