Fire doors

Spacesaver doors

NZ Fire Doors offers an interior reduced swing non-fire spacesaver door, which slides and folds to maximise the clear opening width while minimising door swing area. Doors are easy to operate manually, needing only light pressure to move aside. We can supply our spacesaver as a complete, factory-finished, pre-hung doorset that includes jamb, track and suspension system. Laminate finishes, and hardware can be specified.

Door SpaceSaverSpacesaver benefits 

  • Uses only one third of a conventional door swing area
  • Maximises opening area for optimum accessibility
  • Straightforward to install and easy to operate
  • Can be used for outward opening WC doors, substantially reducing the corridor width
  • Ideal for doors opening onto landings, because access space is maximised
  • Also ideal for lobbies where space is required for wheelchair access between doorways
  • Emergency release option

Please contact us on (09) 579 8895 to order these doors.