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X-Ray Doors Interior X-Ray shielding doors

NZ Fire Doors offers a range of lead-lined doors with either steel or timber jambs specifically for x-ray rooms. Our radiation-shielded doors meet or exceed required specifications for radiation and x-ray shielding. 

x ray radiation doorDoors can accommodate most lead thicknesses and may also include SCHOTT RD50 Radiation Shielding Glass Vision Panels, which are hand cut and finished to SCHOTT specification and discreetly branded to ISO Standard with a Glaspec etch mark for traceability.

We stock this range of SCHOTT RD50 Radiation Shielding Glass:

  • SCHOTT RD50 1.6mm Pb equivalent
  • SCHOTT RD50 2.2mm Pb equivalent


Data Sheet

X-Ray: Interior X-Ray shielding doors


  • J/J (lead lined)

    Xray Meeting Stile


Aluminium Bead

  • Aluminium Bead

    VP Xray


  • T7 – two piece split steel (Lead lined)

    Xray Jamb T7


    Wall width min 104 mm if masonry wall, min 112 mm if stud wall - no max
    (Min 80mm wall - no max, if new split steel profile)

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