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I-30-TW Interior timber-framed 30 minute FRR windows, single glazed

The I-30-SW is NZFD’s interior 30 minute fire-rated window unit in a timber frame. It is available in a wide range of pane combinations and is made to order. Each pane is generally manufactured separately for ease of transport and on-site handling (weight and size), then assembled on site. Depending on size, pre-built multiple pane units are available ex-factory. Your choice of glass affects available pane sizing and fire rating options.

Call us for more information about windows. Please contact a member of our sales team on (09) 579 8895 to discuss and confirm specific pane sizing, design and pricing details. 

Data Sheet

I-30-TW: Interior timber-framed 30 minute FRR windows, single glazed

  • Max overall combined height 6000 mm.
  • 45 mm timber jambs.
  • No limit to overall width, multiple units joined.
  • Recommended optional mid rail – consider the manifestation needs for safety purposes.
  • A grade safety glass.
  • Superior acoustic and thermal properties.


  • Square beads, glass centered

    Square Bead Window Cent

  • Square bead, glass to front

    Square Bead Window Front

  • Bevel bead, glass centered

    Bevel Bead Window Cent

  • Bevel bead, glass to front

    Bevel Bead Window Front

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