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fire rated glass

Fire Rated Glass

NZ Fire Doors are proudly partnered with SCHOTT AG as the only Approved Processor of Pyranova® Insulating Fire Rated Glass in Australasia.

We stock the following range of Pyranova® Insulating Fire Resistant Glass:

  • Pyranova S3.0 15mm -/60/30 and -/30/30 Interior
  • Pyranova S3.1 18mm -/60/30 and -/30/30 Exterior
  • Pyranova S3.0 23mm -/60/60 Interior
  • Pyranova S3.1 27mm -/60/60 Exterior

We cut glass to order on our diamond saw, hand finish each piece to SCHOTT’s specification, and discretely brand each piece with a Glaspec etch mark for traceability.

While the glass saw provides linear cuts we can also supply glass panes cut as circles or irregular shapes.

We supply both our own door factory and other door and window manufacturers in both New Zealand and Australia.

We can also supply, on indent, Pyran S® monolithic (single layer) toughened borosilicate fire resistant glass. Pyran S® provides ‘Integrity Only’ protection to 240 minutes or more.

Please call us on (09)579-8895 and ask for Glass Sales for further information.

Radiation Shielding (X-Ray) Glass

As SCHOTT AG’s Approved Processor for Australasia, NZ Fire Doors also carries stock of SCHOTT RD50 Radiation Shielding Glass in the following grades:

  • SCHOTT RD50 1.6mm Pb Equivalent
  • SCHOTT RD50 2.2mm Pb Equivalent

Each piece is hand cut and finished to SCHOTT specification and discreetly branded to ISO Standard with a Glaspec etch mark for traceability

Please call us on (09)579-8895 and ask for Glass Sales for further information