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X-Ray Glass

Radiation Shielding (X-Ray) Glass

As SCHOTT AG’s Approved Processor for Australasia, NZ Fire Doors also carries stock of SCHOTT RD50 Radiation Shielding Glass in the following grades:

  • SCHOTT RD50 1.6mm Pb Equivalent
  • SCHOTT RD50 2.2mm Pb Equivalent
  • Max sheet size - 2400 mm x 1100 mm

Each piece is hand cut and finished to SCHOTT specification and discreetly branded to ISO Standard with a Glaspec etch mark for traceability and is supplied with a certificate of conformity.

Radiation shielding glass is not Safety Glass, so if in a zone requiring safety glass it must be treated with a safety film such as 3M SH7CLARL. This can be applied in our factory, but is better applied in situ to minimize handling damage. We can also supply laminated with clear float each face to satisfy impact / safety requirements.

Please call us on (09)579-8895 and ask for Glass Sales for further information