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60 Minute Fire-Rated Doors

We manufacture robust, durable exterior and interior 60 minute pre-hung fire-rated doors. Interior doors use a solid core of reconstituted wood fibre faced with an integral MDF layer and are 55mm thick. Exterior doors are made by enclosing a laminated veneer lumber (LVL) core in marine ply facings and are 54mm thick.

Interior doors are factory sealer coated as standard, ready for priming and painting.  Interior doors can also be supplied unsealed with a specified overlay (wood veneer, laminate, vinyl or metal).  Inlay panels or planted detail can also be affixed on request, to suit heritage buildings. Exterior doors are faced with marine grade plywood and factory sealer coated on all six sides. Stainless steel kick plates can be added if required.

Code Product description
I-60-H Interior 60 minute FRR hinged door-set, single or pair
I-60-D Interior 60 minute FRR double acting doorset, single


Because they have solid cores, our fire doors can achieve up to STC 34 (acoustic rating) if they are installed with the appropriate perimeter seals.

Door sets requiring performance greater than STC 34 are a specialist product requiring bespoke engineering; we will happily work with your acoustic engineer to build a solution. 


More about acoustics

Facing options

Interior fire doors are supplied factory seealed, unless you order a special finish. Special finishes include the wood veneer or an overlay of laminate, vinyl, metal or powder-coated steel of your choice. Inlay panels or planted detail can also be affixed on request, to suit heritage buildings. There is an almost unlimited choice of facing options – if a veneer, overlay or decorative panel can be sourced in New Zealand or from overseas, we can work with it.

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To achieve their fire rating, fire doors must be self-closing and self-latching. Hardware for each door in our range must be selected from our approved hardware list. Fitting untested or inappropriate hardware will void the fire performance rating of the door and will void the NZ Fire Doors warranty.  

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See approved hardware list