Aged care & hospitals

NZ Fire Doors places great emphasis on the specific use of purpose-built door sets. As a leading manufacturer of performance door sets for the health sector, we are perfectly equipped to offer the best possible fire door and non-fire solid core door advice for new build and renovation projects.  We work closely with architects to develop door solutions for specific needs.

fire doors for aged care sector
radiation shielding doors for x rays

Aged care facilities

The retirement homes and villages we work with have specific requirements. These include spacesaver (reduced swing) doors that maximise clear opening widths, double-swing doors with steel or timber jambs, and veneered or laminated door sets with aluminium edge details that can withstand the wear and tear of constant use.

Sectors AC xray1
Sectors AC xray2

X-ray doors

NZ Fire Doors offers a range of lead-lined doors with either steel or timber jambs specifically for x-ray rooms. Our radiation-shielded doors meet or exceed required specifications for radiation and x-ray shielding and can be complemented with SCHOTT RD50 vision panels and windows in either 1.5mm lead-equivalent or 2.1mm lead-equivalent ratings. Talk to our healthcare application specialists about your requirements on (09) 579 8895.

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"With the development of the relationship between NZFD and Ryman Healthcare over the years, NZFD have come to anticipate what is required for each of our building types where a variety of different fire doors are required. NZFD respond quickly when door orders are placed on short notice during shortened build programmes and this goes a long way towards helping Ryman achieve the construction goal of moving residents into their units on time."

Jo Forbes, Ryman Healthcare