Fire doors


Fire rated hardware

To achieve their fire rating, fire doors must be self-closing and self-latching.  Because hardware approvals are unique to each door manufacturer’s materials and construction methods, the hardware for each door in our range must be selected from the NZ Fire Doors approved hardware list.  Fitting untested or inappropriate hardware will void the fire performance rating of the door and will void the NZ Fire Doors warranty. 

You can download our approved hardware list, however if you’re not sure what to order we recommend you talk directly to our door hardware experts on (09) 579 8895.

Hardware options

Our range of quality FRR approved door hardware is comprehensive. It considers every fire door application and configuration.

  • Concealed closers
  • Surface-mounted closers
  • Double action closers (all types)
  • Door operators
  • Hinges (all types)
  • Hold open devices
  • Locks and latches (all types)
  • Magclamps
  • Panic exit devices (all types)
  • Power transfer devices
  • Seals (all types)
  • Security accessories
  • Self-latching pair hardware
  • Sequence selectors
  • Shearlocks
  • Viewing lenses


NZFD Closer Brochure

Download our full hardware list