Fire doors





Door jamb to steel stud

10mm max (timber braced)

Door jamb to timber stud 

10mm max.

Door jamb to masonry wall  

10mm max.

Leaf to door jamb

 4mm max. (Must open & close freely)

Leaf to finished floor level

10mm (plus thickness of floor covering, to a maximum of 25mm over FFL)

Leaf to face of stop (before seal fitted)

5mm (smoke seal fitted after painting)

Between pairs of doors

Brush-seal must touch opposite leaf (see NZFD if longer brush is reqd – extra cost)

Fire tags

All installed fire rated doorsets must have certified fire tags attached to the doorset to provide evidence of NZS4520 and NZBC compliance. Every fire-rated doorset supplied by NZ Fire Doors comes with an installer declaration that must be completed by the installer and returned promptly to NZ Fire Doors for the issue of fire tags. The declaration needs to detail the approved hardware that has been installed with the doorset.  We will provide fire tags when we receive the declaration and it meets our requirements. 







Intumescent strips do not need to be masked for painting; intumescent performance is rated for up to 5 coats of paint.

Do not paint over brush or rubber smoke seals.