Fire doors

Split Steel Jamb

Split Steel Jamb    (NO back filling required)

Split Steel jambs are split into 2 parts a front and back. The door is hung on the front, and the back is a non-structural cover capping only.

1. Follow steps shown on installation instruction sheet available here! Note there is no requirement to backfill Split Steel jambs with grout.

  • Split Steel Timber StudSplitSteel Installation Timber Stud
  • Split Steel - Steel StudSplitSteel Installation Steel Stud
  • Split Steel Masonry WallSplitSteel Installation Masonry Stud

 Korok (Speedwall) Jamb (Steel)    


  1. The opening in the Korok wall must have the Korok C track fitted, to give secure fixing of the steel door frame.
  2. For fire rating compliance, the opening in the Korok wall must be lined with 12mm thick Prometect 100. The paperwork received with this doorset will state the trim size required. The trim size stated is the opening size required BEFORE lining the opening with the 12mm thick Prometect 100.
  3. Ensure that the correct door is to be installed in the opening.
  4. Check for damage caused during delivery, or storage on site. Notify the contractor immediately if damage is present
  5. Ensure that any hardware ordered, and the Installers Declaration has been supplied.


Follow the same steps for Split Steel jambs above, fixings will be into the metal channel via tek screw. Installation instruction sheet available here!